This is the online appendix that accompanies the TSE'18 submission: Machine Learning-Based Prototyping of Graphical User Interfaces for Mobile Apps.


Here is the list of tools we used to create ReDraw:

  • Java
  • MatLab (Neural Network toolbox)
  • MatLab (Computer Vision toolbox)
  • MatLab (Parallel Computing toolbox)

Components Distribution

This is the distribution of the components across categories on the GooglePlay in a square root scale.


Apps Generated

We do not include results for Pix2Code as apps generated using that framework do not resmeble the target apps due to the syntehtic nature of the dataset.

Click on the "xml" button for each image to view the runtime uiautomtor xml extracted for each screen.


Here you can find the files with the data that supported our research.

Going through them, we added:

  • MAE and MSE data for ReDraw-MockUp, ReDraw-Cv, and REMAUI
  • Data execution for the SVM baseline